Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bulldog777.com Introduces Live Dealer Games from Microgaming

Bulldog777 Casino Introduces Live Dealer Games from MicrogamingThe Dog is pleased to welcome Makiko, Jin, Alexandra and Isabel to Bulldog777.com. These lovely ladies are dealers at the new Live Dealer tables now available at his favourite online casino, Bulldog777.com. Microgaming’s new Diamond Edition live dealer games feature higher definition video and real time depiction of all player bet action.

“The smile of a beautiful woman is one of the pleasures that make life worth living, don’t you think?” mused The Dog, Bulldog777’s charismatic mascot and self-proclaimed Most Interesting Dog in the World. “There’s something about surrounding myself with beautiful women that just makes me feel, I don’t know… lucky.”

Bulldog777.com has added 5 live dealer casino games – Roulette, Multi Player Roulette, Multi Player Blackjack, Multi Player Baccarat and Dragon Bonus Baccarat.

“These aren’t like other live dealer games,” observed one player. “You can actually see the bets placed by other players at the table, as they place them. There’s a lot to take in -- but I couldn’t help but notice the dealer’s kind smile and for some reason I just felt like whatever numbers I bet on I was going to be lucky.”

“If this gets any more like sitting in an actual casino I’m going to have to wear more than just my boxer shorts when I play!” joked another player. “The dealer’s right there on the screen, you watch her shuffle the cards. The multi player casino games are cool -- you can see other players placing their bets. The only thing missing now is waitress service and something tells me it won’t be long before they figure out a way to do that over the internet too!”

In addition to the finest live dealer games available, Bulldog777.com also has dozens of slots games – including the new The Dark Knight online slot – and a wide selection of table games. Bulldog777 players can also use their integrated wallet in its poker room (on the recently upgraded Merge poker network) or in the sportsbook to bet on over 4000 live in-game betting events every month. Bulldog777.com offers personalized support 24/7 in English, Russian and Spanish.