Thursday, June 11, 2015

$2500 in World Tour Casino Bonuses Now Available at Lucky Club Casino

Lucky Club Casino Players Travel the World for Bonuses and Hundreds of Free SpinsThis month we can tour the world with Lucky Club Casino and claim up to $2500 in casino bonuses during the World Tour casino bonuses event now on at Lucky Club Casino.  Visit some of the hottest spots around the globe and collecting up to $2500 in bonuses that include hundreds of free spins.

Your tour will take you to some of the metro-style casino’s most popular online slots.  Begin at lovely Aspen when the winter-sports-themed Wonderland is featured, then depart to exotic Istanbul and the Ancient Wonders slot game. The Silk Caravan will take you to to Beijing before the final stop in Candyland to play the legendary Candyland Cash.

Video: Lucky Club Casino World Tour Casino Bonuses Include Free Spins

Get up to $2500 in bonuses PLUS 200 free spins at Lucky Club Casino.

World Tour Casino Bonuses

#1 75% up to $300 PLUS 50 Free spins on Wonderland. Coupon Code: LCASPEN1

#2 100% up to $500 PLUS 50 Free spins on Ancient Wonders.           Coupon Code: LCISTANBUL2

#3 125% up to $700 PLUS 50 Free spins on Silk Caravan.     Coupon Code: LCCHINA3

#4 150% up to $1000 PLUS 50 Free spins on Candyland. Cash Coupon Code: LCCASH15

These bonuses are staggered and must be redeemed in consecutive order. All bonuses are valid until June 30th.

Lucky Club Casino, which welcomes players from around the world, features dozens of unique games from Nuworks Gaming including Agent Cash. Details about this and other bonus offers are available at:

Slotland's Smartphone Contest Winners Confess to Playing Slots in Some Strange Places

In March, during its Mobile Mania contestSlotland gave away twelve smartphones .  Players that correctly answered the contest trivia questions were eligible to win an HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact or Lenovo S8 S898T+. All of the winners said they like being able to play mobile casino games privately and confessed to enjoying mobile slots in the bathroom and even a hot tub.

Peggy S., who has been playing at Slotland almost since it opened, November 2000, said her favorite games are classics like Ice Queen, Lucky Ducts and Air Mail. She's not alone -- Ice Queen, in particular, is one of Slotland's most popular games! Peggy gave her new smartphone to her sister. She  said she likes the portability of mobile casino games, though, and usually plays on her tablet even, she confessed, in the bathroom.

Quite happy with the flip phone that she had, Mobile Mania winner Tammy Z. also gave the phone she won to a friend.

“He loves it.  Keeps talking about all the things, he can do with the phone,” she said.

She said she tried Slotland's mobile casino games on the phone that she won, but said she's just one of those old school people that still prefers to play on her desktop computer.

“Personally, I prefer playing on a desktop computer because I can get comfortable and the screen is big so I can see what I am winning,” Tammy said. “I like the mobile though, because you can take it anywhere, even the bathroom.”

“I try to play the game of the month,” she said.  “If I win more, I play longer. Other than that I don't really have a strategy.”

Edward B., another veteran Slotlander who won a smartphone during Mobile Mania, said it's the rush of winning that's kept him playing at Slotland since 2002. Edward said if he hits a huge jackpot he'll invest in a business. (Slotland’s site-wide progressive jackpot is almost $150,000 and, many think, due for a win.)

“I love the phone I won. It's high-tech and easy to use,” said Jessica M.  “I also play slots on my iPad. I love how easy it is to play all the games. You can play anywhere. I've even played in the hot tub!”

“Slots are fun and easy,” she said. “My only advice is don't bet more than you can afford to lose and just have fun playing!”

Jessica said so far her biggest win was about $4000 but she’s imagined what she'd do if she won a big jackpot.

“I would renovate my mother's kitchen and buy her a new car. She has never had one and has spent her life raising me and my brother, giving up much so we could have the best lives. She deserves a surprise like that - and then some.”

Slotland's 34 real money online slot games are available only at Slotland.  They're all compatible with most smartphones and tablets.