Thursday, November 15, 2007

Virtual Golf Game Offers More Ways to Win Real Cash Prizes with Latest Game Features

Groove Games Limited has added several new features to UTour Golf, the free, full-featured online golfing experience where players can challenge other virtual golfers for real cash prizes.

The new features include increased challenge options where players can utilize handicap play. This feature allows players to offer or request strokes, in order to make the games fair and challenging for both regardless of the players skill rating. The new one-hole challenge mode offers a quick, one-hole game for players and opponents and combined with the new entry fee options, it is now possible to put up to $100 on the line for just one hole.

Personalized play has also been introduced as players can now invite up to eight of their friends to an exclusive tournament with customizable game options; including course played, number of holes and entry fee. A score based Driving Range game also rewards players for their tee shot accuracy.

Michael Haines, Managing Director, Groove Games Limited said “handicapping has been introduced to increase liquidity. Whilst skill ranking systems segment the audience, handicapping levels the playing field so anyone can challenge anyone.”

He continued, “We are marketing to the gambling audience – a move that spans our target across the player interested in casual game play on 18 holes to the person who is looking for the rush of high stakes with as little as one hole. Combine this with strategy and top it up with some risk, the handicap play spices things up for the true thrill seeking sports enthusiast.”

Player Created Tournaments and Stats Tracking are just a couple of initiatives which have been undertaken to build the community and social networking aspects of UTour Golf giving players the tools to engage with each other and shape the way they play.