Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Springbok Casino Publishes South African Animal Zodiac and 2024 Horoscopes

Springbok Casino is taking players on a stellar safari through 2024 with its exclusive South African Animal Zodiac which transforms each zodiac sign into a South African animal.

The Aardvark emerges as a symbol of Capricorn's resilience. The upcoming year is a canvas for Aardvark-Capricorns to paint their success.

The Meerkat stands as a symbol of Aquarian ingenuity and social connection. For Meerkat-Aquarians, this will be a year of strengthening bonds and embracing new ideas.

The African Elephant embodies the empathetic and wise Pisces. For them, 2024 is about deep emotional connections and self-discovery.

The Leopard exemplifies the daring and independent spirit of Aries. For Leopard-Arians, 2024 is a year of bold initiatives and personal breakthroughs.

The Hippopotamus stands as a symbol of Taurus's steadfastness and strength. The coming year will be about cultivating stability and cherishing life’s simple pleasures.

The Giraffe represents the Gemini's inquisitive and adaptable nature. For Giraffe-Geminis, 2024 is a year of exploration and embracing new experiences.

The African Penguin epitomizes the caring and intuitive Cancer. The year ahead will focus on deepening emotional connections and fostering a nurturing environment.

The Cheetah shines as a beacon of Leo's charisma and confidence. For Cheetah-Leos, the year 2024 is about seizing opportunities and showcasing your talents.

The African Wild Dog exemplifies the Virgo's attention to detail and teamwork. For Wild Dog-Virgos, 2024 is a year to harness your meticulous nature and foster collaborative successes.

The Rhinoceros symbolizes Libra's quest for balance and harmony. The year ahead will bring them harmony in all aspects of life.

The African Buffalo mirrors the Scorpio's intensity and resilience. In 2024 they will embrace their inner strength and overcome obstacles.

The Zebra embodies the Sagittarius spirit of adventure and freedom. For them, the year 2024 is a journey of discovery and expanding horizons.

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Everygame Poker Players Compete for $2000 in Prizes in Week-long Slots Contest

This week Everygame Poker players are competing with each other for top prizes in a week-long slots contest. January 1-8, all slots players will earn contest points playing Take the Bank, Wish Granted, Golden Dragon Inferno and Stay Frosty. At the end of the competition, 16 players with the most points will win prize money. First prize is $400.This week the casino will also award $2000 in prizes to Blackjack players.

Take the Bank is a fast-paced cops-and-robbers slot. It’s a progression game -- on every tenth spin, bombs explode and become Wilds. Three Police Car symbols trigger 15 free spins, each with up to 10 sticky Wilds.

Wish Granted is a magical slot with a smiling blue genie. Bonus symbols trigger the new Hold & Win bonus feature, then lock in place for three free re-spins. Multiplier Wild Reels burst with riches and Wild Magic Lamp Wilds can expand to fill the entire reel. 

Golden Dragon Inferno has Nudging Wilds and a Hold & Win bonus feature. A glorious Golden Dragon is this game’s Wild. When it appears on the middle reel, it expands to create a full Wild Reel and multiplies any win it’s part of by up to 10X. Each Bonus symbol collected during free spins pays an instant cash prizes up to $250.

Stay Frosty's Wild is a happy Snowman that can vary in size from small to tall, occupying from one to five positions on a reel. Scatters award an instant cash payout of up to $100 and can trigger up to 20 free spins. All Wilds that appear during free spins stick until free spins end. 

All of these games are under the Betsoft tab in the casino games section of the site.


January 1-7, Blackjack players can win extra prize money when they’re dealt Suited Blackjacks, Small Suite 21s or Big Suite 21s.  Blackjack is found under the Tangente tab in the casino games section.

Everygame Poker’s busy poker tables are popular all over the world. There’s also a casino games section with a large and growing selection of slots and table games from four leading games providers.