Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Both ESPN and AllYouBet Oddsmakers Pick Either Broncos or Niners to Win Next Super Bowl

Oddsmakers Agree with ESPN Top Ten NFL Team Picks Liking the 49ers and Broncos ChancesIf you've got a crystal ball to tell you who will win the next Super Bowl is ready to take your bet! Lines are also posted for all pre-season games.

ESPN football experts have announced their Ten NFL Teams and it seems that odds makers agree with their choices.

ESPN Power Rankings, determined by a poll of five writers on's NFL staff, show they like the Seahawks draft choices and think they’ll be Super Bowl Champions in 2013. The panel also thinks the 49ers are a possibility and, with Peyton Manning, talented wide receivers and a mean defense, maybe even the Broncos. oddsmakers also think either the 49ers or the Broncos (both +650) will win the Super Bowl in January, with the Seahawks and Patriots also contenders (both +800). is an American-style online sportsbook taking bets on all popular sports including tennis, golf and soccer. It gives attractive odds on US sports including NCAA and NFL football. Odds on NFL pre-season football games are now posted under the “American Football” tab in the sportsbook (

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