Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Savings Record Broken as Bidibot Penny Auction Site Continues To Consistently Deliver Staggering Discounts

Customers Record Amazing 99%+ Savings!

Online poker and casino penny auction site Bidibot.com continues to offer amazing discounts to all its customers; consistently delivering savings of between 98% and 99% on recommended retail prices. At this time of year it’s no surprise that consumer electronics and video games are especially popular, and canny Bidibot customers are certainly making the most of the current promotional price of 50c per bid.

After only nine bids, Bidibot user “bippo” recently walked away victorious with a black Nintendo Wii and 400 bids for a final price of $1.09 – a staggering 99.78% saving on the RRP. The very same customer then found himself the only bidder in an auction for Xbox game, Call of Duty: Black Ops, winning it with a single bid at a 98.99% discounted price of $1.01.

Other satisfied Bidibot.com users, “SuperTommy” and “RE53RVD”, also picked up video games bargains in recent auctions. The smash hit PlayStation 3 game, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and 80 bids went to “SuperTommy” after only 10 bids for a 98.90% saving of $1.10. Meanwhile “RE53RVD” saved himself an impressive 98.93% when he walked away with an Xbox 360 copy of FIFA 11 and 80 bids for only 1.07. These wins represent some of the best value seen on the site to date.

Bidibot continues to innovate with new options and functionality, including the latest auction feature, Max Bids. These auctions allow each user to only place up to a specified maximum number of bids. This means that other competing users’ bid balances no longer matter - it’s wit and skill that will help you win - so work out how best to use your limited bids to win the auction!

Designed for online poker and casino players, Bidibot auctions casino and poker credits that players pick up for literally pennies. Every day – and at this time of year in particular – Bidibot also auctions consumer electronics as well as some of the most up-to-date games on the market. With a newly redesigned homepage, new partners, new features and new products, there’s never been a better time to get involved - especially while the site is offering 100% extra free bids with any bid pack purchased.

Details of all the amazing prizes and promotions on offer over the holiday season are available at Bidibot.com.