Monday, August 15, 2005

Chicago Bears odds take a hit after Grossman’s injury updates the team’s Super Bowl odds

Sportsbooks are posting new odds on the Chicago Bears’ chances of winning the Super Bowl following the injury to starting quarterback Rex Grossman. The new odds at for example list the Bears as a 100-1 long shot. The odds prior to Grossman’s ankle injury were 75-1.

“The Bears were not exactly one of the favorites going into the season, but we already received a substantial number of wagers on Chicago to win the Super Bowl, so the change in odds is significant for people who like to bet on the NFL,” says Peter Childs, Odds Maker, “But with the injury, it’s likely to make a long season that much tougher for Bears fans.”

The favorite to win the Super Bowl is Indianapolis (5-1), followed by New England (15-2), Philadelphia (17-2) and Minnesota (14-1). Only three teams have worse odds of winning the Super Bowl than the Bears: Tennessee (130-1), Cleveland (175-1) and San Francisco (225-1).

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Super Bowl Odds:

Indianapolis Colts 5-1 Denver Broncos 40-1

New England Patriots 15-2 Seattle Seahawks 42-1

Philadelphia Eagles 17-2 Buffalo Bills 44-1

Minnesota Vikings 14-1 St. Louis Rams 44-1

Atlanta Falcons 15-1 Green Bay Packers 45-1

Baltimore Ravens 15-1 Washington Redskins 45-1

Carolina Panthers 17-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50-1

Pittsburgh Steelers 18-1 Arizona Cardinals 60-1

Kansas City Chiefs 22-1 New York Giants 60-1

New York Jets 26-1 New Orleans Saints 65-1

Dallas Cowboys 27-1 Miami Dolphins 75-1

San Diego Chargers 35-1 Houston Texans 85-1

Cincinnati Bengals 38-1 Chicago Bears 100-1

Detroit Lions 38-1 Tennessee Titans 130-1

Jacksonville Jaguars 38-1 Cleveland Browns 175-1

Oakland Raiders 38-1 San Francisco 49ers 225-1

NFC North Division Champions Odds:

Minnesota Vikings 5-6

Detroit Lions 3-1

Green Bay Packers 4-1

Chicago Bears 13-1

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