Wednesday, February 08, 2006

American’s Behind Team USA at Olympics Despite the Odds Players Favor U.S. Teams to Bring Back the Gold from Turin

The mostly hotly contended medals at next week’s Olympics are skiing and hockey – Olympic gold that players expect to be brought back to America! – where America bets – is offering a list of Olympics props. Predictably, SportingbetUSA players feel strongest about sports they see as America’s turf.

“I don’t care about ladies figure skating… let the French have that one!” said one player. “But I definitely want to see the Men’s Hockey Gold back in America where it belongs!”

“I know the odds makers think Czech Republic has a better chance of beating Canada for the gold in Men’s Hockey,” said manager Tony Delgado, “But I guess our players are more patriotic than that -- we’re seeing a lot of money on the U.S. team.”

American downhill star Bode Miller isn’t the favorite to win gold in Men’s downhill either. Odds on Miller to win one gold medal currently sit at 7-4, two gold at 9-2, and three gold at 20-1. Odds on him getting shut out of a gold medal are 4-7. Nevertheless, bettors seem to think this is another Olympic gold medal that belongs in America and are putting their bucks on Bode.

The most medals the US has ever won in one Winter Olympic Games was 34 in 2002 at the Salt Lake City games, including 10 gold medals. odds makers have set 28.5 as the over/under number of total medals for the U.S. delegation. Odds on the U.S. leading the medal count in Turin are 9-5, behind only Germany at 5-9.

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