Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Top NCAA Contenders Still Favorites Even After Round 2 Upsets

65% of SportingbetUSA.com bettors are still in the game, most still counting on the Huskies

Montana trounced resounding favorite, Nevada, and without experienced seniors, the Tar Heels made a shocking early departure. Albany may have given UCONN a bit of a scare, but the Huskies are still the top contenders for March Madness with odds of 2-1 they’ll take the NCAA Championship.

“Nevada fans are out of it, and North Carolina fans are still in a state of shock, but about 65% of the bettors at SportingbetUSA.com still have a chance of winning their NCAA tournament champions bet,” commented Tony Delgado, Manager of SportingbetUSA.com. “Of those bets, 16.6 per cent are riding on UCONN, 11.1 per cent on Duke, 7.9 per cent on Villanova and 5.6 per cent on Texas.”

Jim Calhoun has a talented squad. If the Huskies get down to business, they’re tough to beat, so odds makers have set their odds at 2-1.

The Duke Blue Devils are exhibiting the confidence and talent that have made them a Sweet Sixteen team for the past nine years. Their dominance over George Washington on Saturday solidified the odds ranking of coach Krzyzewski’s squad as a contender – current odds place them at 5-1.

As March Madness tournament turns into an all out battle, SportingbetUSA.com’s current odds on the Sweet Sixteen are:

Connecticut 2-1
Duke 5-1
Villanova 7-1
Memphis 8-1
UCLA 8-1
Florida 11-1
Texas 12-1
Boston College 12-1
Gonzaga 15-1
LSU 25-1
Georgetown 25-1
West Virginia 30-1
Washington 35-1
Wichita St 75-1
George Mason 100-1
Bradley 100-1

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