Friday, June 09, 2006

Czechs’ have upper hand against USA in World Cup opener odds makers favor Czech’s and bettors back them too

With the World Cup only days away, there is no doubt that the US men’s national team will be looking to earn some international respect as they try to build on their stunning 2002 quarterfinal run in South Korea and Japan. However, the States have their work cut out for them as they face the number two FIFA ranked Czech Republic in their first match this Monday in Dortmund, Germany., the world’s largest online sportsbook and casino, has placed odds on the outcome of the stars and stripes World Cup opener, pinning the US as a 3.50 underdog. The States have received only 35 per cent of total wagers, unlike the 2.09 favored Czechs, who have received 61 per, the remainder of the cash rests on a tie match.

The US, ranked fifth by FIFA going into the World Cup, has had a strong showing in qualifying rounds and will look to young striker DeMarcus Beasley and Landon Donovan among other talented midfielders to put pressure on the Czech’s defense. Up to the challenge is 24 year old Chelsea keeper Petr Cech. One of the World’s finest netminders, Cech has allowed the midfield to stay offensive-minded which has let Pavel Nedved do what he does best, score goals.

“The opening game of the World Cup can really set the tone for the rest of the tournament so this is an important one for both teams,” said Alex Czajkowski, “Everybody bets on the World Cup, and although the US has slipped under the radar as a serious threat in Group E, they have played the spoiler before and can certainly do it again.”

The US opened as a 90-1 underdog to win the 2006 World Cup but now sits at 30-1, the 11th best odds in the field. The traditional South American and European powerhouses still line the top of the odds chart with Brazil at 5-2 followed by Argentina (13-2), England (7-1), Germany (8-1), Holland (9-1), Italy (9-1) and France (10-1).

USA opens their World Cup run against the Czech Republic on Monday June 12th at Dortmund’s FIFA World Cup Stadium in Germany.

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Who will win USA’s First Game vs. Czech Republic - June 12, 2006

Result /Money /Wagers Received
USA 3.50 35%
Tie 3.23 5%
Czech Republic 2.09 61%

Who will win the 2006 World Cup?

Team / Odds / Wagers Received

Brazil 5-2 30%
Argentina 13-2 5.5%
England 7-1 11.9%
Germany 8-1 10.6%
Holland 9-1 3.9%
Italy 9-1 7.9%
France 10-1 1.7%
Spain 16-1 2.5%
Portugal 20-1 2.8%
Czech Republic 25-1 4.2%
USA 30-1 9.0%
Mexico 40-1 2.9%
Sweden 40-1 1.2%
Ukraine 50-1 0.7%
Serbia & Montenegro 60-1 0.2%
Croatia 65-1 0.7%
Ivory Coast 80-1 0.3%
Poland 80-1 0.4%
Paraguay 90-1 0.1%
Switzerland 100-1 0.3%
Japan 150-1 0.4%
Australia 200-1 0.5%
Ecuador 200-1 0.2%
Angola 250-1 0.1%
Ghana 250-1 0.3%
South Korea 250-1 1.0%
Togo 300-1 0.1%
Tunisia 350-1 0.0%
Costa Rica 500-1 0.2%
Iran 500-1 0.2%
Saudi Arabia 750-1 0.1%
Trinidad & Tobago 1,000-1 0.2%

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