Thursday, July 06, 2006

Scottish Smoking Ban Sees Online Bingo Fever Catch Fire

Pubs, restaurants and entertainment premises may all suffering at the hands of the Scottish smoking ban, but there is one industry that is rejoicing at the new law.

Online bingo sites have seen a dramatic rise in the number of Scottish players who have joined recently, as they take up the opportunity to play at a venue where they can still smoke…home!

Since the ban came into effect three months ago, five bingo halls have been forced to close in Scotland after operators saw takings drop by over a quarter as players were forced to obey no-smoking rules.

But in that time Scottish bingo has seen online memberships increase by up to 400 per cent according to

Dylan Schlosberg, spokesman for, said, 'When the smoking ban started, we didn’t imagine our membership would increase so rapidly.But as players have the freedom to smoke when they play online in the comfort of their own home, it makes sense that bingo websites have become even more popular.'

Jeanette Clunie, 38, from Edinburgh is a smoking bingo player who has just recently converted to playing online, 'I think online bingo is definitely on the up and through time, bingo halls will be a thing of the past. I personally wouldn’t use bingo halls now you can’t smoke in them and haven’t done since the ban.'

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