Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Season of Reality TV Betting

Fall is here and with the new reality TV season getting into full swing, bettors are salivating at the chance to place their bets on their favorite stars and shows. Whether it’s Rock Star: SUPERNOVA, Dancing With the Stars, Survivor, Amazing Race or American Idol, everybody bets on reality TV – from the producers and networks, hoping their show is a ratings hit, to the fans who phone in their votes and wager on the outcome. Sportsbook.com, the world’s largest online sportsbook and casino and the online pioneer in offering odds on reality TV, has this season’s slate of shows covered.

“Everyone thought reality TV was just an annoying fad when the original Survivor launched years ago, but the shows keep getting better, audiences larger and the concepts more entertaining,” said Alex Czajkowski, Sportsbook.com. “Reality TV is huge business for the networks, advertisers, sponsors and for the betting industry as well. It’s possible that we’ll take in more bets this year on television shows than we have in all previous years combined.”


Lukas Rossi is the front runner to become the front man for SUPERNOVA. The punk rocker is a 10-11 bet to capture the coveted role of leading a band that includes legends Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke. Despite a luke-warm fan response and a bottom three finish last week, Toby Rand remains a strong contender to get behind the mic and sits at 7-5 odds. Controversial Dilana Robichaux continues to get under the skin of her peers – and is starting to aggravate the judges… but so far the leading female is still in the good books with voters and is a 3-1 bet.

Rock Star: SUPERNOVA - Odds to win

Lukas Rossi 10-11
Toby Rand 7-5
Dilana Robichaux 3-1
Magni Asgeirsson 3-1
Ryan Star 4-1
Storm Large 10-1

Dancing with the Stars

The stars are about to take the stage! Professional dancers are going to be tasked with helping footwork challenged musicians, actors, talk show hosts and former professional athletes become proficient ballroom performance dancers. The season three line-up features 11 dancers, more than ever before.

Saved By the Bell beefcake Mario Lopez is the current leader to get his steps down with odds of 3-1. Hollywood siren Vivica Fox will channel her choreography skills from Kill Bill to get in time with partner Nick Kosovich. Fox is currently Lopez’s biggest challenger at 4-1. Pulling up the rear is Jerrry Springer. Running out of the way of chair wielding guests didn’t earn him much credibility as a dancer, the former talk show host is a 30-1 bet to win the competition.

Beginning September 12th, Dancing with the Stars will air on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Dancing With The Stars 3 - Odds to Win

Mario Lopez 3-1
Vivica Fox 4-1
Monique Coleman 11-2
Joey Lawrence 6-1
Harry Hamlin 6-1
Willa Ford 8-1
Sara Evans 8-1
Emmitt Smith 15-1
Shanna Moakler 15-1
Tucker Carlson 18-1
Jerry Springer 30-1

Survivor Cook Islands

Jeff Probst is ready to snuff out some more torches. The eleventh season of Survivor is about to get underway. Sportsbook.com is offering odds of whether the sole survivor will be a man or a woman and bets for each currently sit at 5-6. In the past ten Survivor seasons five women and five men have won the competition. The rubber match begins Thursday, September 14th in the Cook Islands and can be seen on CBS at 8pm ET.

Survivor – Odds to Win

Male 5-6
Female 5-6

Amazing Race

Ready for your pit stop? The Emmy Award winning Amazing Race is in its ninth season and odds makers at Sportsbook.com have betting options ready. Past winners include three married couples and four sets of best friends who are male. Currently a male/female pair is a 13-10 bet and a male team is 11-10. The current long shot is a female team at 3-2.

The season will launch with a special 90-minute premiere on September 17, 2006 at 8:30pm ET on CBS.

Amazing Race – Odds to Win

Male/Male Team 11-10
Male/Female Team 13-10
Female/Female Team 3-2

American Idol

Contestants are lining up to take a tongue lashing from Simon Cowell for the season six instalment of American Idol. Kelly Clarkson was the first songstress to win the hearts of American voters. She was followed by Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks. The odds for a male or female winning the top spot each stand at 10-11.

American Idol – Odds to win

Male 10-11
Female 10-11

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