Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Online Slots Players Have Regional Preferences & Global Favourites Survey Shows 'Lucky Stars' Most Popular Online Slot Machine in America, Britain, Europe & Australia

A recent player survey at shows that online slot machine players may have regional preferences, but they also have universal favourites. While some games are more popular in America and others in Europe or Asia or Australia, one in particular is a favourite with players around the world. “Lucky Stars” is’s most popular mobile game with customers everywhere.

“Sometimes it’s hard to understand why people are attracted to one game over another,” said Hannah Morante at “Lucky Stars isn’t our only multi-line slot, and all of our games are tied into the same progressive jackpots – even the mobile games. So that’s not why it’s so universally popular. I guess people just think the little space man is cute!”

Analysts may not always know why people choose one game over another, but there are a few things that can be quantified. It seems that the “Booster”, a three-wheel, single-payline slot machine where you can “boost” your bet, is more popular with American players than in Britain where “fruit machine” players seem to prefer more classic slot machines like the “Golden 8”, a 9-wheel 8-payline slot machine that features the largest slot wheels ever on the Internet. Although there are slot machines in every Pachinko parlour in Japan and the casinos in Macau are adding them as fast as they can, Asian players still tend to play video poker more than slots.

So far about a third of players play on both their computer and their mobile phone. Since Slotland is continually adding new games to its mobile suite (“Striking 7s” mobile launched just last month) that’s one statistic that’s likely to change.

Neteller is another global preference. Although offers other banking options, players everywhere use Neteller more than the others, especially now that the Neteller Card enables almost instant withdrawals at ATMs around the world.

“It’s such a small world,” wrote one Slotland player in a story written for the community Newsletter. “It’s funny to think that while I’m playing slots or video poker on my WebTV in California, there’s people playing the same game on their phone in London or their laptop in Tokyo!”
With nine unique slot machines and video poker games on their web site and now four also available on mobile phones and PDAs, is one of the most innovative and trustworthy online casinos in the world.