Monday, May 14, 2007 Sends Paris Hilton a Gift to Help Pass Her Jail Time

Online Backgammon Site Will Auction Exclusive Backgammon Board for Charity if Hilton Gets Out of Sentence

After hearing that socialite Paris Hilton has been sentenced to jail time for probation violation, the world’s most popular online backgammon site is sending her a gift to pass her time more pleasantly., a resource for online backgammon news, reports that is preparing to send a special personalized backgammon board to Paris Hilton so that, in the event she actually serves her jail time, she will be able to play the popular board game in style.

According to, truly sympathizes with Ms Hilton along with her millions of fans and is genuinely regretful to see her have to serve hard time. Like many, they are mystified as to why such a harsh sentence was passed down to her.

Gammonish has also learned that despite her sentence, describes Paris Hilton as a free spirit and would like to make it possible for Ms Hilton to pass this unpleasant time more enjoyably. is the only site to offer three of the world’s most popular games. In addition to Backgammon, the site offers the popular Spanish dice game Perudo as well as Poker., the leader in online backgammon and the most crowded community game network operating today, hopes Ms Hilton won't have to serve time. However, if she does, they hope their gift will turn her on to backgammon and that she’ll be interested in joining the Annual Monte Carlo Backgammon World Championship Tournament this summer. In the event that Ms Hilton is not forced to do the time, the exclusive game board will be auctioned off for charity.

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