Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Unique Card Prediction Game, FourCast, New from Slotland.com

Slotland presents FourCast, a unique card prediction game with exponential payouts

It’s not a slot machine. It’s not video poker. FourCast, the new game at Slotland.com, combines the thrills of cards and the quick, easy play of spinning slots in an exciting new game that challenges players’ psychic powers.

FourCast is a card prediction game. Four cards are dealt face down and the player predicts the suit and/or value of the next card dealt. Bets multiply exponentially each round. Third and fourth round winnings increase by 50% or 100%, respectively

“I predict not too many players will want to collect their winnings after the first round, although they can of course,” said Slotland.com Manager John Lancelet. “Knowing how much the winnings increase though, I bet they’ll want to play on!”

Apart from the famous progressive jackpot tied to all of their 14 unique slot machines, FourCast has the biggest payouts available at Slotland.com. Players that can correctly predict both the suit and value of all four cards dealt can win $122,880 on a $10 bet.

FourCast joins 13 other unique games at Slotland.com including bonus-crazy Treasure Box where players can hold the wheels after each spin, the five-payline Lucky Stars, and Booster – the only slot machine where your bet is never lost.

Many of Slotland.com’s online games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. Striking 7s, a variation of the popular Deuces Wild video poker game, is one of the latest to be added to the WAP site.

All of Slotland.com’s web and mobile games are tied into the same progressive jackpot that has been hit for more than $150,000 twice this summer.

Slotland.com is one of the most trusted online gambling sites and has loyal players around the world, including the United States.