Friday, February 01, 2008

Backgammon Masters Blackjack Operator Integrates Signature Verification System

Online game provider BackgammonMasters, which features 21 Blackjack, Poker, Perudo and Backgammon gaming software, has fully integrated a new signature verification system for VIP players. Using the patent pending Signature Link system, players can now register with and sign their name with the ease and convenience of a few movements of the mouse.

Previously, this technology was used exclusively by banks and stores requiring a signature which could only be made in person using a special electronic device. BackgammonMasters has set up the same technological innovation so that new members can easily sign the terms and conditions of the software agreement remotely from the convenience of their own home PC. This method will replace the standard checking of an agreement box.

The recently integrated Signature Link technology will do away with cumbersome paperwork while allowing all the pertinent member information to be organized in one place. This new method of organization is sure to cut back on bureaucratic and unnecessary delays. A BackgammonMasters spokesperson recently commented, “With a huge volume of player traffic coming from many countries around the world, the demand for VIP application forms has increased tenfold. The new Signature Link system is designed to offer the player a faster response time and better overall service. The first phase of implementation will be to service the VIP players and in the second phase normal transactions will be processed using this technology. We plan to first collect feedback from our user-base before adding this feature to our cashier service” he added.

The reason for this new signature verification system is to better protect both the player and the company as well. By identifying themselves, VIP players can gain large rewards, unlike the unidentified players. Currently, an unidentified player that wants to make a large cashier transaction can only do so once they sign and agree to the BackgammonMasters terms and conditions statement electronically. This is done online using email and the website in an automated manner.

BackgammonMasters has added this latest feature in an ongoing effort to maintain the highest standards of monitoring and control systems for the player’s benefit.