Friday, February 27, 2009

Are Smaller Jackpots a Better Bet?!

The Gamblogger's Online Casino Progressive Jackpot Update

The Mega Moolah is one of those you’re going to kick yourself over when someone else wins it but, c’mon, how many quarters can you keep plugging into it before you move on to one you’re actually more likely to win?! Statistically, with so many people playing to win this record-breaking jackpot of more than $5.7 Million (€4.1 Million), it’s a long shot. Sure, it’s a cute game but a smaller jackpot that’s actually hit once in awhile is a better bet I think.

Like Slotland. The jackpot there is over $160K (€130K). That jackpot doesn’t usually get much more than $100K (€80K) before it’s hit so do the math. Biggest progressive jackpot ever at Slotland was $195K (€158K). If this one isn’t won pretty soon it could reach or top that! All their games are connected to the same big jackpot. is a 3D casino site operated by Slotland. It has a separate progressive jackpot that this week went over $120K. This is a new site and a new jackpot so it’s anybody’s guess how often it will be hit but if it’s anything like the main slots and video poker site it may well be due.

As for bigger jackpots… The biggest online casino progressive jackpots available to US players these days are Jackpot Pinatas, Aztec’s Millions and Shopping Spree. Jackpot Pinatas is over $1.2 Million (nearly €1 Million)and Aztec’s Millions is catching up quickly. Shopping Spree may have gone over a million by the time you read this. You can play all three of these at

Good luck!