Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Slotland Jackpot Tempts Fate as it Soars Over $160,000

Online Slots Site Has Paid Out $8,456,375 in Progressive Jackpot’s in 11 Year History

As Slotland continues to celebrate its 11th birthday this month, its progressive jackpot is still begging to be won. Since the popular pioneering slots and video poker site first introduced the world to online slot machines 11 years ago this month, the company has had 87 big jackpot winners and has paid out a total of $8,456,375 in progressive jackpot winnings.

“Our jackpots might not reach millions of dollars before they are won, but since they are won so regularly and so frequently for six-figure amounts, players feel more like they actually have a chance to win, I think,” said Ondrej Tuma of

One of the reasons Slotland’s jackpots hit 100,000 so quickly is that the site very generously resets them to $50,000 each time they’re won. The progressive jackpot option is very popular with Slotland’s many loyal players so a high proportion of them bet max to be eligible to win it. With so many players contributing, the jackpot pool grows rapidly.

Slotland recently launched it’s 14th original online slot machine, the Reel Riot. The kitchy Reel Riot is a single payline slot machine that Slotland has revved up to the max by including a “Double Wild” bonus symbol and by making it possible to hold any reel for the next spin. now offers fifteen one-of-a-kind slot machines and video poker games. Six of the most popular games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. All of Slotland’s slot machines give players the option of placing a maximum bet for a chance at winning the progressive jackpot.

Slotland’s 3D casino,, has a separate progressive jackpot of its own. The jackpot there, where the new video poker game “Deuces Wild” was just launched, is currently over $100,000.

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