Monday, November 09, 2009

GTECH G2 IPN Poker Network Player Wins €210,000 Bad Beat Jackpot

Europe’s largest independent poker network takes the sting out of losing with a good hand

The International Poker Network (IPN) Bad Beat Jackpot has hit at an amazing €601,370 (almost $900,000), meaning a fortunate player won over €210,000. The hand in question was Quad 8’s beaten by Quad Queens, on a €0.50/€1 No Limit Table. “Roger2010”, the loser of the hand but winner of the Bad Beat Jackpot, won €210,508.50, whilst “(o1nfl1p”, the winner of the hand, won €105,254.25. The other players at the table each got €15,036.32. With a Jackpot requirement starting at Quad 6's, this is the easiest Progressive BBJ to hit on any poker site. The new Jackpot is already over €120,000.

“We boosted the Jackpot last week so that the next winner would get at least €100,000,” said Per Karlsson, Head of Poker GTECH G2. “As the total Jackpot went over €600K we had a feeling it was about to be hit!”

The IPN Bad Beat Jackpot was last hit in August for $412,000. That winner wasn’t even aware he’d won it until someone else at the table pointed it out to him. He thought he’d just lost the pot despite having a great hand, which is frustrating for any poker player.

To qualify for the Bad Beat at IPN poker rooms, players must be at a designated Bad Beat table and use both pocket cards in their winning or losing hand. The losing hand must be four-of-a-kind sixes or better, the lowest qualifying requirement of any poker network. Four or more players must be dealt into the hand.

GTECH G2 is the igaming division of lottery industry giant, GTECH. It combines the software development and customer management expertise of Boss Media, Finsoft, Dynamite Idea and St Minver and operates the International Poker Network and International Bingo Network.

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