Thursday, January 07, 2010

Las Vegas Hotel Fire – Stratosphere Lucky This Time

Fire broke out on the ninth floor of one of the most famous hotel casinos on the Las Vegas strip recently.  The fire alarm went off for the Stratosphere Hotel fire at around 2:00 pm and the hotel went into a state of emergency.  It is believed that the fire was started by careless smoking.

Fortunately, the fire was contained to some towels found on the bathroom floor of one of the guestrooms, and was quickly put out by hotel staff. Using some quick thinking and improvising a little, security personnel filled a waste paper basket with water and put the flames out before fire officials arrived at the scene.

The floor was evacuated for approximately 45 minutes.

“The Fire was responsible for very light smoke on the ninth floor,” said Timothy R. Szymanski, the public education and information officer for Fire and Rescue in Las Vegas,  “But no other floors were affected.”
The fire caused about $250 in damages but, fortunately, no one was injured.

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