Friday, September 24, 2010

Bad Beat Jackpot Soars Over €500K on GTECH G2 IPN Poker Network

Europe’s largest independent poker network takes the sting out of losing with a good hand

g2-ipn-160.jpgThe Bad Beat Jackpot on GTECH G2’s International Poker Network (IPN) has just gone over €500,000 and until someone loses with quad 10s or better it will continue increase. Whoever hits this jackpot is guaranteed to win over €150,000. Even just being dealt cards in the winning hand gets every player at the table a payout of over €10,000.

“Losing is bad enough, but losing with a good hand can be painful,” said Tony Ure, Head of Poker Networks at GTECH G2. “The Bad Beat jackpot gives pain relief for everyone at the table!”

To qualify for the Bad Beat at IPN poker rooms, players must be at a designated Bad Beat table and use both pocket cards in their winning or losing hand. The losing hand must be four-of-a-kind tens or better. Four or more players must be dealt into the hand.

Although it’s been hit for lesser amounts since then, one of the biggest IPN Bad Beat Jackpots ever hit – over €600,000 -- was last November when a Poker Heaven player walked away with €105,254. Even the other players at the table were each got €15,036.

“I was aware that the jackpot was over €600K. When I lost with such a good hand I immediately left the table to see if I had won,” said the player known as o1nfl1p. “When I realized I had just won over €200,000 I was speechless. The atmosphere at the table when all the players realized we had won the Bad Beat Jackpot was amazing. I’m planning to buy an apartment with some of the winnings and of course I intend to play a lot more poker!”

The IPN is Europe’s largest independent Poker Network. It has more than 4,000,000 players across Europe and has dealt more than a billion hands. The IPN includes such popular poker sites as,, and the poker room. There is a list of International Poker Network poker sites at

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