Monday, March 10, 2014

GR88 Salutes the World's Dumbest and Craziest with New Fundraising for Ukraine Project works to replace Ukraine funding from RussiaOnline casino and sportsbetting brand has launched a new series of promotions that will be tied directly to the world’s craziest events.  First up in the series is Vladimir Putin’s quest to rebuild the Soviet Empire.

"The world is getting crazier by the minute and as a result we have decided to launch the GR88est Dumbest and Craziest Series," said a spokesperson.   "In this series we pick actions that we believe show complete lack of humanity, blatant displays of crazy leadership or simply dumb actions by powerful people, wherever they are.” has just launched where it offers to donate 25% of the proceeds from certain slot games to the EuroMaidan Charity in Kyiv. promotional bonus offers include:
Pussy Riot Casino Bonus
It’s a Crimea No Matter What You Call It Bonus
100% I Want to Be Stalin Bonus invites everyone to visit and "bet against Putin to support the good people of the Ukraine."

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