Thursday, December 10, 2015

SnG Players Win Cash Prizes -- and Bragging Rights

Another SnG Battle is brewing at Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker, the two leading poker rooms on the Revolution Poker Network.  The top 20 players on their SnG Leaderboard will split $500 in prizes. But sometimes it’s not just about money…

“It's great to pocket some extra cash, for sure,” said Intertops' poker manager.  “But when players are battling it out against each other for the top prize money, there's honor on the line as well!”

Video: $500 SnG Battle at top Revolution poker network sites

Top 20 SnG players split $500 in prize money.

Beginning next Tuesday, December 15th, all players that take a seat at any SnG game listed in the poker rooms with buy-in up to $10 (excluding double-up, kamikaze and satellite Sit & Go games) automatically earn SnG Battle points. Higher buy-ins earn more points as does winning.  For example, finishing first in a $10 buy-in game earns 10 points. 

A leaderboard at each poker room will show players' points rankings and when the battle ends on December 21st, the top 20 will receive cash prizes within 24 hours.

Intertops and Juicy Stakes are well known for their busy poker rooms that attract players with all levels of skill. They've also gained a reputation for sending online satellite tournament champions to exciting live poker tournament events. Recent winners went to the Caribbean and the winner of a tournament series that ends December 20th will play in the CAPT Seefeld Main Event in February. $2 step 1 tournaments continue several times each day at each site.

Intertops and Juicy Stakes tournament winners share their experiences on the Living the Dream poker blog.

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