Friday, February 19, 2016

What Makes Online Roulette so Popular?

Online roulette is one of the most popular online casino games there is. It pulls a huge amount of players each day, with every respectable online casino having the classic table game in their repertoire. But what makes online roulette so popular with players? What keeps them coming back time and time again?

Online roulette offers the excitement of traditional roulette
But it emits the somewhat frantic nature of placing bets and abiding by table etiquette to allow players to get to grips with games and play at their own pace.
This is particularly useful given the rise of mobile players who are looking for a quick fix of roulette and may only want to bet on one spin of the wheel. This, generally, isn’t something you would do on a physical table where longer sessions are much more fun and rewarding.
Another bonus is the flexible chip values, which, depending upon your digital casino, can be set as high or as low as the player requires. Whereas in traditional casinos, minimum chip values will be determined by the house, which may put them out of budget for players with a smaller gaming bankroll. If you are looking to test the water, 32Red have a variety of user friendly games over at
For those who are still looking for the traditional interaction with the dealer and other players around the table, there’s always live roulette, which replicates the best elements of physical roulette, but allows people to enjoy them from the comfort of their own home. In many ways, live, or video roulette, is more convenient that it's physical counterpart, which is why everyone from 32Red, to Jackpot247 carry a live video version of the game.
Roulette can be rebranded and revamped
Traditional casinos are exactly that - traditional. This closes them to innovation and the latest trends. The same cannot be said for digital casinos, who are generally at the forefront of gaming innovation.
It is also much easier for exciting sponsorship or advertising deals to be struck up with digital gaming service providers, with the best example of this being through the hugely successful roulette games that make use of massive progressive jackpots, which are becoming increasingly popular with the heavy hitters.
Part of its popularity is that it takes the tried and tested roulette format, loading it with exciting mini games and bonus features which brings the table game out of its traditional format, and draws in players who wouldn’t normally have an interest in roulette games. It also makes it possible to cash in on the accumulated jackpot by placing normal wagers, thus making the potential wins much higher.
In fact, research has shown that online casino gaming is the go-to method of gaming throughout the UK, with it seeing the most amount of interaction, surpassing even physical casinos and bookmakers, with part of this popularity no doubt being down to online roulette and how easy it is to pick up and play.

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