Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Soldier in Kuwait has over $540K Winning Streak Playing Super 6 Slot at Jackpot Capital Casino

Michael M. may be serving with the Army in Kuwait, but that didn't stop him from having an amazing winning streak on the Super 6 slot game at Jackpot Capital Casino. Michael won more than half a million dollars in one amazing weekend earlier this month.

"Michael's been playing with us for awhile now," said Jackpot Capital manager Oliver Smith.  "It's great to see one of our regulars have such a run of good luck!"

On one spin, Michael hit six Scroll symbols with a 10X multiplier to win $180,000. On another 10X spin he got six Fans and won $116,475. He later hit six Scrolls with a 4X multiplier and won another $48,000, and then six Fireworks symbols with a 10X multiplier that paid $12,000.  By the time the weekend was over he'd won $541,090.

It took a few minutes for his extraordinary luck to sink in: "I didn't react too much right away -- I was with a colleague. I went outside and smoked a cigarette. I went back in and checked the computer to see my winnings and then I called my wife and sent her a screenshot."

Mike said that beginner's luck had nothing to do with it: "I've been playing slots for a long time. This was well over due! My beginner's luck was after my last deployment, in May 2013. I won a million credits when I'd only played a penny!"

Mike, 46, has big plans for his winnings.

"The first thing I'm going to buy when I get home is an Indian bike and it is going to be decked. I also plan on booking a cruise. And I'd like to see some castles in Ireland."

Jackpot Capital Casino has hundreds of games from Realtime Gaming in its online casino. The most popular games are also available in its mobile casino for smartphones and tablets.

"I enjoy playing Super 6, but that night I was really upset I wasn’t hitting at all. But then I ran the bed up and got very, very lucky! Another one I like playing is Lucha Libre 2 but it never hit that night. I really enjoy Keno, too."

Super 6 is an Asian-themed game from Real Time Gaming that has six reels of glittering symbols depicting the cultural riches of China.  Grouped Wilds double any prize they appear in and Scatters trigger free spins. When the triggering scatters are all on the same row then during the free spins there are more Wilds and bigger bonuses, like Mega Grouped Wilds, and bigger prize multipliers.

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