Tuesday, April 30, 2019

$150,000 Flower Power Casino Bonus Contest this Month at Intertops Casino

Every week until June 3rd at Intertops Casino, the $150,000 Flower Power Casino Bonus Contest will reward frequent players with up to $500 bonuses. You'll compete with other frequent players for top bonuses, but even occasional players can win random draws. Its all about peace, love, good vibes and $30,000 in weekly prizes!

You'll automatically earn points when playing any of Intertops' hundreds of casino games from Realtime Gaming. Every Monday, be one of the 300 players who earned the most points in the previous week and win up to $500 each. Every week, the top 20 are entered in a final draw for a $1000. (There are no wagering requirements for this cash prize.)  Every Thursday there will be random draws that anyone who has played even a little that week can win.

"The 60s were a crazy time, weren't they?" said Intertops Casino's manager.  "Love ins, make-love-not-war protests, burning bras, draft dodging… the world was changing pretty quickly back then!"

"Flower Power" was  slogan used in the 60s & 70s as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence. Hippies are well-know for embracing flower power by dressing in clothing with flowers and vibrant colors and wearing flowers in their hair. To this day the term "flower power" is ubiquitous with peace, love and the hippie movement of the 60s.

Intertops Casino's most popular game right now is the brand new Cubee, a time travel adventure that takes you way back before the 60s. It's a very different kind of slot game with just one payline and eight floating symbols that include Weapons and Power Balls. Starting in the Stone Age and continuing through the days of Vikings and then Pirates, the goal is to defeat enemies and move to the next level/era. 

Intertops Casino has been entertaining players all over the world for more than twenty years with its huge selection of slots and table games like Blackjack and Roulette. Later this month they'll launch the new Mermaid's Pearls slot game, an undersea adventure where players collect pearls to trigger the Shipwreck Bonus Pick Feature or up to 10 free spins with up to 5X win multipliers.

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