Thursday, November 21, 2019

Just Beginner's Luck? Lincoln Casino Player Wins $17,640 Jackpot on His First Time Day

Beginner's luck is a phenomenon where those who are first attempting something do exceedingly well. Whether you believe in it or not, there is at least one new player at Lincoln Casino who is a definite believer after some amazing beginner's luck this weekend. Chris, from Alabama, hit the jackpot on his very first day at the WGS-powered online casino and won an incredible $17,640 pay-out playing the popular 7X Lucky Sevens slot game.

“We have pretty good welcome bonuses,” observed casino manager Ryan Wilson. “But I’ve never seen a new player get so lucky on their very first day!”

Lincoln Casino is currently offering new players a 200% deposit bonus, up to $200, plus 25 free spins on King Tiger slots with coupon code KINGSPINS.

“I was bored that Sunday afternoon, the weather wasn’t great, and I was looking for somewhere to play that I hadn’t been before,” said Chris.  “I found a link to Lincoln Casino and figured I’d give it a go.”

Even after he burned through his first $100 bankroll, Chris was not deterred and this would lead him to one of the luckiest days of his life. This time he chose to play 7X Lucky Sevens, a three-reel slot with a Must Win progressive jackpot.  One of the ‘Wild X’ series of slots from Wager Gaming, 7X Lucky Seven’s Wilds can have huge multipliers. One Wild wins a 7X multiplier. With two Wilds, the multiplier leaps to 49X the triggering bet. It also has a “Must Win” guaranteed progressive jackpot which is guaranteed to pay-out by the time it reaches $25,000. As the jackpot value gets closer to this must-win threshold, the odds of a trigger get shorter.

Betting two dollars per spin, Chris was soon up almost $1000 when it happened: a red seven appeared on reel one, followed by a Lucky 7 Wild on reel two and finally a second Lucky 7 Wild on reel three. Three red sevens pays 180X the coin bet. One Lucky 7 Wild increases that to 7 times, two Wilds makes it 49X giving a payout of $17,640 for a $6 investment.

“When does this ever happen to anyone? On your first try!?” said Chris, still trying to get his head around his amazing beginner’s luck.  “I was into the game but to be honest I was keeping my eye on the progressive jackpot.   It was reasonably close to a Must Win so I figured I might have a chance. But this, this is so much better! I’ll play some more, but I’m going to be able to pay off my car with this!”

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