Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Metal Casino Introduces New Dedicated Rock-Themed Slots Segment, Plans for Metal Talent Search

Everyone's favorite heavy-metal-themed gaming site, Metal Casino, has just introduced a dedicated section for rock-themed slots on their site, 'The Metal Experience'. Metal Casino merged with Nasdaq First North Growth Market listed online casino and betting games developer, Spiffbet in March and together they have been working diligently to strengthen the bond between music fans and the casino.

The Metal Experience segment includes a range of top-ranked slots from major studios featuring classic acts like Ozzy Osbourne, Testament, Sabaton and Demon, with Play'n GO’s eagerly anticipated Twisted Sister to be added on its release. The introduction of this new section of their site comes after Metal Casino, the gaming site for fans of metal music, announced plans to further connect with their rock-loving players.

Along with the new addition to their site, Metal Casino has plans for a heavy metal talent search across its major markets to cement the bond between the music scene and the casino.

Pelle Wiman
Pelle Wiman, Metal Casino CEO, said the dedicated segment and the work of Metal Casino and Play’n GO emphasises the authentic, long-standing connection between rock ‘n’ roll and gambling which was previously absent in the digital domain.

“In the beginning, we were met by hesitation and resistance from the metal scene", said Wiman, "but now we can see that more and more metal bands want their own official slot as we're slowly building an acceptance bridging the metal community with online gambling. The metal bands get both a passive income and brand awareness that can bring about new fans. It’s a definite win-win!

“The future of online gambling is all about unique game inventory in order to be able to compete and differentiate, and our plans with Spiffbet will allow us to take that to the next level.” said Wiman

Metal Casino has established a strong bond with its rock audience since it was founded in 2017, with players enjoying its games, attitude and a stunning range of merch and special offers.

Metal Casino completed their deal with Spiffbet in March and now they are reaching out to the heavy metal scene through a talent search across its major markets in an effort to create a deeper connection between the casino and their players.

“The partnership with Spiffbet’s gaming studios could deliver even more unique metal gambling content to our audience and opens up huge new metal markets like India and Latin America further down the road.”

The casino is confident that their connection with the grassroots metal scenes will grow stronger in its main markets, such as Germany, Sweden, the UK and Finland, through a ‘Help the Band’ concept which will seek to assist up-and-coming talents.

“We want to work with the next generation of rock stars and build a micro influencer programme and support these struggling bands and artists with some funding." explained Wiman "This is us giving back to the metal community that we were born out of.”

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