Friday, June 26, 2020

Get 10 Free Spins on Betsoft's New 'The Hive' Slot Game at Intertops Poker

Oh honey, have you heard the buzz over at Intertops Poker? Betsoft's new 'The Hive' slot game has just flown in to the Casino Games section of Intertops Poker. The new game features fun graphics and 3 types of bees who'll help you along the way. Taking a lesson from real-life honey bees, 'The Hive' has a unique hexagonal grid and new Spreading Wild. Head over to the Casino Games section at Intertops Poker to give the new game a try and until Tuesday, all active players get 10 free spins!

The new game's unusual beehive hexagonal grid has a 3-4-5-4-3 layout with three kinds of bees buzzing around the hive. The Queen Bee summons a rush of other bees, Drone Bees fill the honey meter that triggers free spins and the Worker Bees apply win multipliers. Worker Bees also award a stacking multiplier. The more Worker Bees buzzing around the hive, the bigger the multiplier.

After each win during Free Spins, another Spreading Wild appears next to the originals, greatly increasing chances for a big win. They continue to spread throughout the honeycomb grid until the end of Free Spins.

The Sticky Sweet Free Spins Meter fills up with every Drone Bee that appears on the reels. Each one increases the Honey Meter by one level. When it’s full, players get 5 free spins that begin with up to three Honey Burst Spreading Wilds.

“The number of Wilds doubles with every spin so the beehive fills up with Wilds pretty quickly during free spins,” said Intertops Poker’s manager. “All those Wilds can make for some very sweet wins!”

The bees in 'The Hive' are pretty great, but real-life bees are truly amazing creatures that our food production relies on. In fact, if bees go extinct, much of what we eat will no longer be available. Here are a few interesting facts about these helpful, buzzing, critters:
  • All worker bees are female.
  • All drones are male and they do not have a stinger.
  • Honey has natural preservatives and bacteria can't grow in it.
  • Bees are the only insect in the world that make food that humans can eat.
  • A honeybee can fly 24 km in an hour and its wings beat 200 times per second.
In addition to busy poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network, Intertops Poker also has a huge selection of slots and casino games from three top casino software suppliers including Betsoft.

All players that have made at least one deposit will be automatically credited.
Available June 27-30, 2020 only
Wagering requirement 30X; max. cash-out $250.

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