Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Come to Springbok Casino for the Free Spins on T-Rex 2, Stay for the Stories and Videos of South Africa's Wild Dogs

The wild dogs of Africa are rare and unique creatures. With most subspecies of wild dogs near extinction, it is important to learn all we can about these unique canines and hopefully save them, before it's too late. Springbok Casino has shared a collection of stories and videos about Africa’s Wild Dogs to help people learn more. You can check out this collection at the South African Casino all month.

After you've 'boned' up on your wild dog info, don't forget to claim your 25 free spins on T-Rex 2 that are available until July 31st!

“Wild Dogs are amazingly skilled hunters,” said Daniel Van Wyck, South African wildlife aficionado and manager of Springbok Casino.  “They can run as fast as 70 kilometers per hour for up to ten minutes, so their prey find them nearly impossible to escape!”

Related to wolves, coyotes, hyenas and jackals, Wild Dogs are tall, lean hunters with oversized ears and four, rather than five toes. Due to habitat fragmentation, infectious diseases and conflict with human activities, there are fewer than 550 Wild Dogs left in South Africa. With only 70 left in the wild, the West African Wild Dog is classified as critically endangered. The Chadian Wild Dog, found in just one protected region in the Central African Republic, is close to extinction.

In Ethiopia, home of the Somali Wild Dog, some believe that injured Wild Dogs can flick their blood at their assailant causing instant death.

The orange, yellow and black Cape Wild Dog is the largest of the African Wild Dog subspecies. The San people of Botswana believe that shamans and medicine men can transform themselves into Cape Wild Dogs.

Artistic depictions of the smaller East African Wild Dog, which has a darker coat, have been found on ancient Egyptian objects.

More information and videos about Africa’s Wild Dogs can be found at:

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