Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Enhance Your Game Day Excitement with Football Frenzy Poker Tournaments at Intertops Poker

So many amazing things exist because someone said "that's awesome, but what if we add...". In the tradition of taking two awesome things and combining them to make something even better, Intertops Poker are, once again, holding their popular Football Frenzy poker tournament series to make NFL game days even better! The casino wanted to bring extra excitement to the new football season and it's a bit harder to get fired up with no fans cheering in the crowd.

“Whether there’s fans in the stands or not, we’re excited to have NFL football back,” said Intertops Poker’s manager. “But we still want to play poker, ya?!”

On Monday nights, the guaranteed prize pool is $1200! Then on Thursday, there's the Thursday Night Football $600 GTD followed by Sundays satellites and the $400 GTD Bounty Run Final! 

“Warm up with a freeroll on Thursdays. On Sundays, kick out your opponents like the big guys on the field and cash in while your team is upsetting its rivals! Then, win your way to the big Monday night game in one of the cheap satellites held through the day.”

The new weekly tournaments combine the excitement of NFL football with the thrill poker. On Thursdays, satellites for the $600 GTD TNF Final start with a free roll at 10 am Eastern. $400 GTD Game Day Bounty Run tournaments pay $4 for every opponent eliminated. Three $.55 satellites award tickets to the Final every Sunday night. Monday is a big night on the field and at the poker tables with a $1200 guaranteed prize pool for the Monday Night Football Final.

Intertops Poker is the main poker room on the Horizon Poker Network and attracts all kinds of players from all over the world.  For every hand they’re dealt, they earn Gold Chips that can be converted to cash. New players get an up to $1000 Welcome Bonus that includes free spins on slots in the Casino Games section. 




Sundays at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm Eastern (CEST: 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm)

Buy-in: $0.55, late reg: 60 min.

$400 GTD Final

$4 bounty 

Sundays at 4 pm Eastern (CEST: 10 pm)

Buy-in + fee: $10+$1



Mondays at 11:05 am, 2:05 pm, 5:05 pm Eastern (CEST: 5:05 pm / 8:05 pm / 11:05 pm)

Buy-in $1.10 and less

Late reg: 60 min.

MNF - $1200 GTD Final

Mondays at 7:00 pm Eastern (CEST: Tuesdays at 1 am)

Buy-in + fee: $16+$1.60


TNF – Freeroll Satellites

1 ticket to final guaranteed!

Thursdays at 10:05 am Eastern (CEST: 4:05 pm)

Late reg: 10min

TNF - $.55 Satellites

1 ticket to final guaranteed

Thursdays at 2:05 pm & 5:05 pm Eastern (CEST: 10:05 pm)

Late reg: 60min.

TNF - $600 GTD Final

Thursdays at 7:00 pm Eastern, (CEST: Fridays at 1:05 am)

Buy-in + fee: $8+$0.80

All games are No Limit Texas Hold’em. 

Starting stack is 2000 chips and blinds are ten minutes. 

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