Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Celebrate Whalentine's Day with South Africa's Springbok Casino

Valentines Day typically has people sharing their love, but South Africa's Springbok Casino is celebrating Whalentine's Day (February 20th) by spreading their love to the majestic whales that inhabit South Africa's bountiful blue oceans. There is a collection of articles and videos that show us just how important these intelligent and beautiful mammals are to our world. There is also information on what we can do to help them survive and co-exist with us safely.

 South African oceans whales are: the Southern Right Whale, Humpback, Blue, Sperm and Killer Whales.

 "Orcas, or Killer Whales are one of the world's most powerful predators. And watching an enormous Humpback breach is one of the most amazing experiences of my life," said Daniel Van Wyke. "But since we see so many off our coast when they come here to mate and calve, Southern Right Whales have got to be my favorite!"


The start of the Springbok's Whalentine's Day feature gives us a sad history lesson about how whales all over the world have become so endangered. But on a more positive note, the feature shows us how whales are indispensable in slowing down climate change (they store an eye-popping two billion metric tons of CO2 per year!) It is explained that maintaining and reviving all whale numbers is an important element to slowing down, even repairing the damage to marine ecosystems.

 Among the many and varied articles, there is one that educates us about the differences between whales and dolphins and how all whales fall into two categories: those with teeth for eating fish, squid and octopus and those with baleen that feed on plankton.

Fun Facts About Whales

1. Whale milk is as thick as toothpaste due to 50% fat content.

2. Southern Right Whales have bigger testicles than any other animal: up to 500 kg.

3. Sperm Whales are the loudest mammals on the planet reaching 230 decibels.

4. All toothed whales have a "melon" forehead with fatty tissue to help vocalization.

5. Some whales use bubble nets to coral their prey.

6. The most famous fictional whale is Moby Dick.

 More information on South Africa's whales can be found at https://www.springbokcasino.co.za/whalentinesday

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