Monday, April 03, 2023

Springbok Casino Shares YouTube Pranks Videos for April Fools Day

April Fools Day is a traditional day for pranks. This month, South Africa’s Springbok Casino shares the  Top Prank Videos on YouTube. Leon Schuster, South Africa’s most famous visual prankster, tops the list. There’s also a funny video featuring to Mike Tyson. Julien the Magician’s illusions get some hilarious reactions, and a video of a professional race car driver posing as a driving lesson student will have you in stitches.

The feature begins with a collection of Leon Schuster’s golf pranks from the 80s that would be very non-PC today. They show how humour and social mores change over time.

 In another video, people are asked to rate Mike Tyson as a sportsman – not knowing that the champion boxer, known as the Baddest Man on the Planet, is right behind them.

 Julien the Magician pranks people at train stations and on the street with some great illusions, mostly eliciting puzzlement and smiles.

 In one of the funniest videos in Springbok’s collection, a professional racing driver disguised as a young, pig-tailed learner driver, scares the pants off her instructors as she really gets into gear and shows off her mad skills.

 In another, a man disguised as a smallish potted tree on a pavement causes passersby to scream, jump and even fall over when he moves or stands up.

 John Berks, whose morning talk show and prank calls made Radio 702 the most entertaining and popular by far, pranks Pik Botha, a former NP cabinet minister, inviting him to give a speech in Soweto and demonstrate how to make a real Afrikaans ‘potjie’.

 The complete collection of Prank Videos on YouTube is available at

 Springbok’s videos are funny, but this is no joke: this month they’re giving players 25 free spins on the new Warrior Conquest.


 25 Free Spins on Warrior Conquest

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