Wednesday, March 01, 2006

African school funded by opens soon

Malawi School Construction Nearly Complete, Teachers Being Hired

The rainy season has made it challenging, but the school in Malawi being built with funding from is almost finished. Word is out in surrounding villages that teachers are now being hired for the school that will open next month.

Over thirty villagers worked all winter on the school. As the local Project Manager interviews prospective teachers, crews are working on the final touches -- drains around the building, latrines, painting and decorating the classrooms.

The project, named “New Hope for a New Generation”, will provide education and opportunities for the children of an impoverished African village. Although they likely have no idea what a slot machine is, never mind the Internet, their lives will be forever changed by the generosity of the popular all-slots web site.

“We’re so happy that the community is able to make such a big difference in the lives of so many people,” said Manager Hannah Morante. “People tell us all the time that they choose to play slots at because they know it is a different kind of online casino.”

“The whole village has pulled together to get our school built,” said vigilant Project Manager, Tereza Mirovicova. “We had one man that didn’t understand the spirit of the project and tried to get things for himself only. Luckily the Village Headman and his family understood and helped us.”

In the school garden, volunteers have planted maize, sweet potatoes, peanuts and casawa to feed the students that will soon fill the new school. The maize, a staple in Malawi, is now over 2 metres high and ready to harvest just as classes begin.

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