Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Amazing Race Wagering Shows Sensible Choice Not Always the Most Popular

Despite the Odds, Players Favor Blond Bombshells to Win

The odds may favor two more experienced traveling duos, but players are true to form in putting their money on two sexy sisters. While odds favor the smart, young and athletic Ray and Yolanda at 7-2, and Barry & Fran (5-1) who have been traveling the world together for forty years, PO punters are nevertheless putting their money on two attractive but inexperienced travelers. Danielle & Dani are relative long shots in the contest at 7-1.

“It wouldn’t be much fun if we all bet on the obvious favorites now, would it?” mused Manager, Tim Williams. “I guess our players figure a pretty face and a tight pink t-shirt could come in handy in this race!”

According to the CBS web site: “Armed with bold personalities and a fearless attitude, the duo believes that anything is possible with good looks and thick accents, which they aren't afraid to use if it helps them to win the $1 million prize.”

In it’s ninth season, Amazing Race returns to its original format after an experiment with families racing against each other last time out. It’s back to teams of two racing around the world, never knowing where they'll go next or what they'll have to do once there. There are four sets of friends, three dating couples, two married couples, and two couples comprised of family members. The eleven teams will be asked to perform various duties while they travel around the world. Those who can't keep up with the quick pace will be eliminated from the competition as the weeks go by until just one team remains.

“The odds will change every week as teams are eliminated,” said Williams. “A smart bet early in the game – that’s how to clear some coin on this.”

Current Odds on the 9th Amazing Race:

Ray & Yolanda: 7-2
BJ & Tyler: 4-1
Fran & Barry: 5-1
Danielle & Dani: 7-1
David & Lori: 8-1
Jeremy & Eric: 11-5
John & Scott: 6-1
Joseph & Monica: 8-1
Lake & Michelle: 7-1
Lisa & Joni: 10-1
Wanda & Desiree: 6-1

In setting the odds on each team, odds makers consider their travel experience, physical condition and personality traits. Odds on the Amazing Race will be posted at and updated daily throughout the series. also posts odds on American Idol, Survivor Panama, Donald Trump’s Apprentice, Survivor Panama and the 2008 Presidential Election.

The Amazing Race 9 premiered on CBS on February 28 and, following its special two-hour premiere, will air regularly on Tuesdays at nine.

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