Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Coolest Thing Ever Just Changed Online Poker

The Coolest Thing Ever is Now Live on Bluff Magazine’s website

It’s here! The Coolest Thing Ever has launched on the newly designed website, and is changing the way online poker players track, interact, and satisfy their poker urges online.

The foundation of The Coolest Thing Ever is thepokerdb, the most comprehensive online tournament database in the world. With results going back as far as 2004, thepokerdb has tracked hundreds of thousands of tournament results, which has been the catalyst for ranking almost two million players based on tournament performance, total lifetime winnings, biggest cashes, “streak” stats, and much more. There is no more accurate way to track your play or compare yourself to the rest of the poker community that with thepokerdb. It is hands-down the largest player-accessible poker database anywhere on the planet.

But with a name like The Coolest Thing Ever, this tool has to be more than super-useful, it has to make poker more fun; that’s what the new community tools are for. The new Buddy List allows you to track your friends online, see where they are playing, and view their up to date results on your own customizable personal dashboard. But if you don’t have time to sit online and watch your buddy reach the final table, new Buddy Alerts will notify you when he gets there. Live on your PC, by email or on your Mobile Phone via Text Message, Buddy Alerts are there to keep you in the action, even when you can’t be at your PC.

Besides being useful, fun, and communal, The Coolest Thing Ever saves you time and energy, getting you to the tables faster than ever. The real-time Custom Tournament Directory means that you’ll never have to load every piece of poker software you own to find the tournament structure, game, buy in, prize range, site preference and starting time that best suits your needs. Simply enter your requirements and the Custom Tournament Directory will direct you to the action.

“The Coolest Thing Ever has been a massive technical challenge” said Jeff Markley, CTO of Bluff Magazine. “Migrating and manipulating millions of records, and adding never-before used technologies has been a labor of love, but its something that, as a poker player, I know will be appreciated by the poker community. All I can tell everybody is to try it – once they do they will never stop using it”, continued Markley.

To try The Coolest Thing Ever, visit and click the link to The Coolest Thing Ever.