Thursday, February 15, 2007

First-ever Personalised Mobile Scratch Card Launches to Rave Reviews

WinOne launches GemScope at 3GSM World Congress, Barcelona

WinOne, the Finnish supplier of money games for mobile internet, announced the release of the first personalised scratch card available on mobile phones.

The java-based scratch card, featuring a horoscope theme, comes in twelve versions, each matching an astrological sign. Moreover each sign is matched with a precious stone, hence its name - GemScope.

GemScope enables players to use phone keys to “scratch” their star sign and win money or prizes. The special feature of the game is that there is always a second stage providing a personalised horoscope, so that the player experience is different each time they play - whether they win or lose. Further personalised stages are also available - without buying a new ticket.

“With this type of game mobile players feel they are getting much more value,” commented Rufus Miles, WinOne VP of Business Development. “Of course they have the chance to win a big prize – but even if they lose, they still get personalised content. We think this is unique in the mobile money gaming market today.”

According to WinOne, GemScope is the first of a range of games to push its Mobile EnterGainment® concept to a whole new level. Mobile EnterGainment® is a new idea in mobile money gaming, offering a rich, personalised entertainment experience – as well as the chance to win money and prizes and interact with friends through powerful community features.

Rufus Miles said: “Mobile players around the world look for responsible gaming solutions, excitement, security - but above all varied entertainment. WinOne is able to offer all of this, and across both mobile and internet, if needed.” He added: “Over the next few months we shall be releasing several other games based on this idea, each one with more personalised content than the last.”

Underpinning GemScope, as with all WinOne’s games, is the EnterGainment® Gaming Platform. WinOne provides the platform and the gaming solution as a managed service, including distribution and handset recognition, hosting, back office operations and payment processing. Players will be able to use a single wallet and move seamlessly between mobile and internet if they wish.