Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Increases Seed Jackpot After Record-breaking $179K Jackpot Win

Jackpot re-started at $50,000 and already well over $100,000

After their famous progressive jackpot was recently hit for an all time high of $179,166, has increased the jackpot seed for their frequently hit progressives to a whopping $50,000. A player known as TOPNOTCHED was playing the Golden 8 slot machine when he hit the amazing jackpot. His win surpassed’s previous jackpot record of $163,114 last March.

This time when Slotland re-set the progressive jackpot, they doubled the usual jackpot seed money from $25,000 to $50,000. Since TOPNOTCHED’s record win, the progressive jackpot is already well over $100,000.

“Doubling the starting amount means that jackpots will build higher in a shorter period of time,” said Hannah Morante of “Even when jackpots occur within weeks of each other, all winners will be guaranteed a minimum win of $50,000 -- double the previous jackpot starting value.”

When first went online in 1998, jackpots were started at $10,000. A few years ago, as the popular slot machine and video poker web site’s player base grew, the starting jackpot was boosted to $25,000. has earned a reputation for fairness and integrity – and for having the best selection of unique slot machine and video poker games – so its membership has continued to grow.

“We noticed that no one complained last time we increased the jackpot seed!” mused Morante, “Now we have so many players all over the world that we’re able to raise it again.” had three jackpot winners this time last year and ended up with seven more by year-end. While the increased starting value won’t necessarily mean more winners, the jackpots will most certainly be bigger.

The progressive can be played on any of the nine unique slot machines and video poker games on the web site. All five games that are also available on mobile phones and PDAs are also tied into the same progressive jackpot, so the next big winner could be at their computer or anywhere they take their mobile phone.