Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Online Slots Player Proves Even $2 Bets Can Be Exciting

Slotland Winner Calls $615 Win a Jackpot

A regular at has proven that even a $2 bet can get your heart pounding and a $600 win can feel like a jackpot. Player “CHAROO“ says that her $2 might as well have been a million and that winning her $17 balance up to $615 made for one her most exciting nights of online slots ever!

“I can’t exactly retire on $600,“ laughed the winner, “But that night sure was the best run of good luck I’ve ever had. I’m still shaking my head!“

After playing the $150 she budgeted each month for playing online slots down to just $17, CHAROO was ready to pack it in. She’s glad she didn’t though because that night luck was on her side.

“I sat down with my last seventeen bucks and went right to my favourite online slot machine, Treasure Box,” wrote the winner. “I was betting $2 and on my first pull I hit the Double Win symbols. On my second pull, I hit three different colored ones for $30. After I hit some other $5 and $10 pots, I held one green seven and then had two more given to me for $125 -- all within 20 minutes!”

“I continued to play and again hit three green sevens for another $125. I left there with about $300 and switched to the Striking Sevens slot machine and after only ten minutes I hit a Straight Flush for $65 -- not once but twice! Leaving there, I went to the Jacks or Better video poker game and kept my winning streak going. I was hitting Full Houses and Flushes like there was no tomorrow! I kept my bets below the max because I felt luckier that way. After about an hour, I hit four tens for $125 and 20 minutes later I hit four twos for another $125.

“I managed to keep my little bank roll playing for hours and before I went to bed I closed the night out with two Wild Royal Flushes on the Santa’s Sleigh machine. I hit big with small bets and look forward to turning this $600 into $60,000!”, where victories like Charoo’s are celebrated every day and major jackpot wins happen every few weeks, features 13 unique games and is the most popular slot machine and video poker web site in the world., which is compatible with virtually every phone model including Blackberry and the new iPhone, brings the five best games to mobile phones and PDAs.