Tuesday, October 05, 2010

£1600 London EPT Seat Sells for $2.53 in Bidibot Penny Auction

bidibot-ticket-160.jpg Last week saw lucky Bidibot.com user ‘ChipsFool’ win a seat at the London EPT side event for the amazing price of $2.53. The thrifty online poker player took advantage of one of many daily online auctions for poker and casino credits at the new “eBay of online poker” that’s saving bargain-savvy online poker and casino players more money every day.

The EPT side event, worth a whopping £1600, was held at Londons Hilton Metropole hotel on Saturday 2nd October 2010.

Speaking after the penny auction for poker credits ChipsFool commented, “I was surprised I won the seat with so few bids. I was expecting the auction to last for hours with such a great prize at stake.”

He went on to say “Bidibot is a great site, where some amazing deals can be found. I would recommend anyone serious about poker to have a good look as there are some great savings to be made that could potentially lead to a big score.”

“I wish ChipsFool all the very best in the event,” said poker pro and Bidibot founder John Tabatabai, “Lets hope this really is a story of a prolific spin up!”m

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