Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Classic Slot Pays Out $150K Jackpot at Slotland

Slotlands Jackpot Winner Thinks of Plenty of Ways to Blow His WindfallOne of my favourite slots at one of my favourite casinos has just paid out a sweet jackpot.  Nice to see that Slotland's Treasure Box has still got it in her!

The popular slot game recently paid out one of the unique casino sites' biggest jackpots in quite awhile. Samuel W. won $149,645 playing Treasure Box.

With such a large win you bet he has a list of ways to spend it! A dentist who plays casino games to relax, Samuel said his favorite games are Jacks or Better, Treasure Box and Gods of Egypt – but he likes to try out all the games. He's thought of lots of ways to spend his windfall.

“I was so surprised to hit the big one!” he told his Slotland Customer Service rep. “I guess I'll pay off my credit cards and I think I'll buy my sister a new car. My wife loves her clothes so she'll get a new wardrobe. We'll probably go on a vacation too!”

Video: Slotland Player Hits $149,645 Jackpot on Treasure Box Slot

Winner will take his wife shopping for new wardrobe.

Remember Treasure Box? It's is a three reel, three payline game where we can hold valuable symbols on any or all reels for the next spin. Wild symbols pay the current bet value into the Treasury Bonus. 

“Treasure Box was one of our very first games,” said long-time Slotland manager Michael Hilary. “With all the more elaborate games that have come since, it's great to see a classic still paying out big time!”

 Slotland has 34 real money online slot games, all available only at Slotland and all compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Its site-wide progressive jackpot has climbed to over $110,000 since Samuel's win.

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