Saturday, February 27, 2016

Living the Dream Team Warms Up for the Main Event at CAPT Seefeld

Living the Dream team members Daniel, Tim and Chris, were a little shaken after busting out pretty early in the 550 Euro tournament they played on their first day in Seefeld, Austria. They'd all won their way to Austria in online satellite tournaments at Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker. Good players. But that first day in Austria? Bad cards… weird moves by other players… What can you do?! Then after a good night’s rest – and a better understanding of how their competition plays -- they were optimistic about their prospects heading into the 2000 Euro Main Event that began Friday afternoon.

Tim was up to 42K at the second level and if that had held up he could’ve been sitting pretty. “Hey, I’m saving it all for the Main Event!” he laughed as his team mates consoled him in the casino bar afterward.

Chris was getting good cards early in the 500 Euro tournament he played as a warm up. He was up to 40K quite quickly. Then he made a squeeze play that didn’t quite work out. He shoved it Ace 5 suited in the small blind and was called by Ace-ten. He was out.

“I got my stack in with monster draw,” said Daniel after he too was out. “I opened with a straight on the flash draw. Unfortunately he flopped a straight.”

Daniel had committed himself to a check race and there was no way to fold. He was free to join the team in the bar to re-group and prepare themselves for the 2000 Euros Main Event the next day.

Video: Living the Dream: CAPT Seefeld, Episode 2 -- What are Ya Gonna Do?!

Daily video reports from CAPT Seefeld will continue through this weekend

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