Wednesday, March 23, 2016

$182,430 Jackpot Win Brings Family Together

Jackpot from WinADay Casino Will Help Player Bring Her Family Closer TogetherA player who’s keen to keep her close-knit family together is thrilled that her recent jackpot win at WinADay Casino will help her plan a family holiday and move her mother closer.

Diane B was playing a WinADay classic, the Tropical Treat slot game, when she hit the jackpot and won $182,430 on one spin.

“I won a little in Atlantic City years ago,” said the winner, “But I’ve never been this lucky before!”

“First on my list for this money is a big family celebration!” she told a WinADay customer service agent. “I won playing Tropical Treat so I think I’ll take the whole family on a tropical cruise!”

As her mother gets older, Diane had been worrying about how much longer she’d be able to cope on her own and, with her living in another town, she’d been feeling frustrated that she can’t help her more.

“We’ll put some of the money aside for the kids’ education, of course,” Diane continued. “But I also really want to use some of this money to move my mother closer.”

Video: WinADay Casino $182K Jackpot Winner will Use Money to Bring Family together

Online slots player won progressive jackpot on Tropical Treat slot game

Tropical Treat is a 50-payline slot machine with free spins and fun-in-the-sun video graphics. Animated butterflies flutter across the screen as the bet amount is selected and the number of paylines to be played is chosen with buttons on a sand castle. Although the site-wide progressive jackpot is hit several times a year, it’s been awhile since it was won on Tropical Treat. A Canadian named Sylvia M. won a $165,900 jackpot on it shortly after it launched.

WinADay’s last jackpot winner was Donald T., an ex-military officer who became a high school teacher after active duty, who won $202,107 playing Gypsy Charm last September. He said he’d use it to pay for surgery that his wife needed. Last March, Mary J won $101,082 playing the Busted slot game and took a road trip across America with her win.

With the recent launch of the new Ice Crystals slot, a deluxe game with a Trailing Wild, WinADay Casino now has 33 one-of-a-kind premium slots and 18 unique penny slots. With video poker, Keno and Roulette there are 63 one-of-a-kind casino games in all. Most are great on iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets. Most premium slot games are tied to the site wide progressive jackpot which, after Diane’s win, was reset and is currently well over $60,000 again.

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