Friday, March 04, 2016

Online Poker Players Return from Europe with New Understanding of Aggressive European Tournament Play

The Living the Dream team – the online satellite tournament winners from Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker that I went to Austria with -- had a great week in Europea but, all too soon, CAPT Seefeld 2016 was history and it was time to say auf wiedersehen. The guys headed home with heads filled with all they’d learned about European tournament play (still shocked at how aggressive the Europeans in Austria played compared to their casinos back home) and with visions of schnitzel burgers that will haunt then forever.

Video: Living the Dream: CAPT Seefeld, Episode 4 – Auf Wiedersehen Seefeld

Three online satellite winners from Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker head home from CAPT Seefeld in Austria.

Peter Roche from Ireland won the CAPT Seefeld Main Event that Daniel, Chris and Tim competed in.  He took home € 78,000 after agreeing to a deal that quickly wrapped up the three day grind.  Two German players took second and third place.

The Living the Dream players weren’t the only ones that didn’t last until Day 3. There were over 300 players in Seefeld, from 20 different countries, including poker greats like Ronny Kaiser, Leon Tsoukernik, Josip Simunic, Niki Jedlicka, Jan-Peter Jachtmann, Mihai Manole, Rino Mathis, Dermot Blain, Jonas Kronwitter and Quirin Zech. But only 18 made it to the final fight for the title and the € 96,000 prize.

It was a bad day from the start for chip leader Stefano Bertoldi . He lost almost every hand even when he had stronger hands and eventually settled for 14th place.

The only woman at the final table, the very classy Danielle Rollinger from Luxemburg, hung in for ages but was eventually caught short when Mambamenni went all-in. The board brought a Straight for the colourful Mambamenni and put elegant Danielle in 6th place (€ 16,200).

After starting in last place with only 20 big blinds, Jan-Peter Jachtmann was the chip leader going into the final hands. Then Austrian Markus Dürnegger quickly took a clear lead -- until a Queen on board sent him to 4th place (€19,800). The last three then agreed to a deal. It had been a long three-day grind.  Although he was as colourful and animated as he’d been through the whole tournament, tattooed Mambamenni had been at the table long enough.  He and Jan-Peter Jachtmann had almost the same number of chips and each settled for €55,800. Roche, who was apparently paying a price for spending three days hunched over a poker table, subsisting on casino junk food, said his stomach was bothering him and was only to happy to wrap things up.

CAPT Seefeld 2016: Final Results

Peter Roche from Ireland won CAPT Seefeld 2016, settling for 78,000

CAPT Seefeld 2016 second place, Mambamenni, was a colourful character throughout the three-day tournament at the Austrian ski resort

rank first given name name nation purse deal

1st Peter Roche, Ireland, Purse: € 96,000 Deal: € 78,000
2nd Mambamenni, Germany, € 57,600, € 55,800
3rd Jan-Peter Jachtmann, Germany, € 36,000, € 55,800
4th Markus Dürnegger, Austria, € 25,900
5th Yigit Aktulga, € 19,800,
6th Danielle Rollinger, Luxembourg, € 16,200
7th Jonah Kronwitter, € 13,900
8th Daniel Peche, Germany, € 11,500
9th Tobias Stefan, Germany, € 9,900
10th Christopher Sandy, Germany, € 8,460
11th Giuseppe Caradonna, Italy, € 7,200
12th Hannes Speiser, Austria, € 7,200
13th Cristinel Dumitru, ROU, € 6,100
14th Stefano Bertoldi, Italy, € 6,100
15th Mario Eder, Austria, € 6,100

There’s already talk about Living the Dream returning to Austria this summer with winners of upcoming online satellite tournaments.

Chris has already won his way to the next Living the Dream poker adventure, so I look forward to see inghim at TKPT St Maarten.  Tim will be playing in the TKPT online satellite tournament final at Intertops Poker on Sunday so with any luck he’ll be back in our next series of videos as well!

Until next time… keep living the dream!

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