Monday, September 19, 2016

Slotland & WinADay Celebrate 4th Anniversary of $200,000 Cash Back Program at Latest Casino Bonuses

It’s now four years since members of the community have been getting 20% cash back on their deposits at Slotland and WinADay. Since the casinos first partnered with they’ve given more than $200,000 back to players.

To get 20% of their deposit back, Slotland and WinADay players simply notify LCB in a designated thread in the website’s popular player forum. To date there are over 4000 posts in the Slotland/WinADay thread.

“This is the best cashback ever. I use it all the time!” said one LCB regular. “With most offers like this t

Video: Slotland and WinADay Cash Back at

Online casinos have given over $200,000 cash back to players since program began in casino player forum.
here’s a cap on how much you can claim but with this one there’s no max, and you can claim it twice a week.”

“Slotland and Winaday have been giving away $50 cashbacks exclusively to LCB members since August 2012,” said the LCB forum moderator known as Blueday. “Players post their deposits and are awarded with a $50 cashback for every $250 deposited. 20% of every deposit goes back in their account. Members’ children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have been born and celebrated in the lifetime of this cashback offer!”

“It’s been great working with Blue over the years,” said casino manager Michael Hilary. “It can be a big job going through all the forum posts and letting us know who to give cash back to. She’s a total sweetheart!” is the world’s biggest and most active community of online casino players. Members review and rate casinos and games and Slotland and WinADay are always in the top five casinos players recommend to other players.

Entertaining players all over the world for over 17 years, Slotland has 41 unique casino games, most compatible with Apple and Android phones and tablets. WinADay Casino now has 34 premium slots and 18 penny slots – unique games that can only be found at WinADay. With video poker, Keno and Roulette, there are 64 real money online casino games. Most games at both casinos are fully compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.

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