Wednesday, May 31, 2017

7X Lucky 7s, the 1st Slot in WGS' New Wild X Series has Arrived at Lincoln Casino

WGS' new Wild X series of slots games is about to shake up the slots world with Wilds that trigger amazing features and massive multipliers. The first game in the series, 7X Lucky Sevens, has just arrived at Lincoln Casino. The new three-reel slot with a must-win progressive jackpot is now in both its online casino and mobile casino.

In 7X Lucky Sevens, Wilds in winning combinations multiply wins. One Wild wins a 7X multiplier. Two Wilds and the multiplier leaps to 49X the triggering bet.

Video: 7X Lucky 7s is First in Wild X Series from WGS

Wilds trigger 7X and 49X multipliers.

The game’s most exciting feature is its guaranteed progressive jackpot.  7X Lucky Sevens’ jackpot is guaranteed to pay-out by the time it reaches a value of $25,000. As the jackpot value gets closer to this must-win threshold, the odds of a trigger get shorter.

The Double-Up Gamble feature gives players a chance to double their win.

“It’s only been in the casino a few days and 7X is already in our top five,” said Lincoln Casino manager Ryan Wilson. “The RTP is what it should be (about 96%) and the jackpot has already paid out at least once.”

“The jackpot is a huge attraction because your chances of winning aren’t related to the amount you wager,” he said. “Give it a shot -- anyone can win!”

Lincoln Casino, which welcomes players from all over the world, has nearly 200 unique games from WGS: 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, video poker, Blackjack and Roulette. It will double your first five deposits.

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