Thursday, October 03, 2019

Liberty Slots Player Hits 2 Jackpots in One Day, Walking Away with $40K for the Holidays

Sometimes luck just strikes. You find a 20 in your pants pocket, you get to the train just as it pulls up, or maybe you even hit a jackpot at your favourite online casino. That would indeed be quite lucky. Now, imagine you hit TWO jackpots! A particularly lucky Liberty Slots Casino player doesn't need to imagine, she actually did it, in one day no less!  She said she plans to spoil her family over the holidays this year.

7X Lucky Sevens is a three-reel slot with a progressive jackpot.  It’s part of the Wild X series of three reels that are exclusive to Liberty Slots and the WGS software.

Cindy M, 62, was just kicking back and enjoying some late-night slots play. Having deposited just $25, Cindy was betting only $.75 per spin on 7X Lucky Sevens. 40 spins went by with no luck. But... little did she know, her next spin would be the start of an extremely lucky day. On her 41st spin, she hit her first jackpot: $22,432.03! It wasn't long before she went back to Liberty Slots to see if she could keep the excitement going.

“The jackpot in 7X Lucky Sevens is guaranteed to pay out by the time it reaches $25,000,” explained Liberty Slots Casino manager Mark Ramirez. “This random win was close to the maximum payout!”

After a brief celebration, Cindy got some sleep, but she couldn't stay away very long and her excitement  was peaked. She was back at it that afternoon, this time playing another Wild X game – Ultimate 10X. This game’s jackpot is also guaranteed to pay out once it reaches $25,000. For the second time in the same day, almost unbelievably, Cindy hit that jackpot, this time winning $16,470.06 from a $1.50 spin.

“I’ve been playing at Liberty Slots for three years and have had a lot of fun.  But this had to be best day I’ve had in a long time!” laughed Cindy when she spoke to Liberty Slots from her home near Searcy, Arkansas.  “We’ll use this money to pay some bills, and there’s a few things we need for the house.  We’re certainly going to be having a good Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!”

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