Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Sloto Magazine Summer Issue Inspires Peace and Harmony


You’ll be filled with inspiration for making this a better world with the summer issue of Sloto Magazine. This special issue is filled with ways that personify a peaceful attitude that spreads to others.  As a player at Sloto'Cash Casino this issue is, as always, free to you. It is stuffed full of innovative lifestyle articles, game reviews, tips for casino games players, and lots of coupons and bonus offers.

 "At Sloto’Cash, we believe in the power of positivity and of our contribution in making this a better world," said casino manager Stephen Vaughn. "We're living in a troubling time so it’s important to strengthen our minds and bodies and to work together to rebuild our world with peace and justice for all."

 Feature articles in this issue include:

 Be the Change gives you inspirational ideas on how to become a better person by contributing to your and others' wellbeing. This article provides links to organizations that plant trees, fight abuses of government power, and rescue orphaned and vulnerable children.

 Practicing Peace reviews ways to embody peace and not fall into a place of distrust, fear or despair. With so many feeling powerless and deeply affected by events in Ukraine, this article gives you hope.

 How to Support War Victims provides a list of charities responding to the Ukrainian crisis.

 The Laughing Cure shows you why laughter really is the best medicine.

 This issue's Sloto Life feature will show you how to embody inner calm and positive energy during tumultuous times. The Sloto Space feature explores wonderous scientific findings  recently Including icy craters on Mars, volcanoes on Pluto and global cooling on Neptune.

 You will enjoy two new crossword puzzles in this issue, one about Julius Caesar and the other crypto themed.

 The Life and Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sloto reveals the couple's new robobaby.

 There are reviews of new games (Copy Cat Fortune, Penguin Palooza, Fortunate Buddha and Run Rabbit, Run) that include bonus coupons, and the centerfold is a Calendar of Bonuses available through the summer.

 If you are registered at Sloto'Cash Casino you will receive a complimentary copy of Sloto Magazine four times a year.  The Summer issue is now in the mail to slots players all over the world.


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