Tuesday, March 03, 2015

One More Chance to Win Your Way to a Caribbean Poker Tournament

Caribbean Poker Tournament Online Satellite Series has BegunIf you didn't win your way to the Caribbean last month at Juicy Stakes Poker (sigh, neither did I  lol ) I've got good news for you -- you've got another chance this month!  A final series of online satellite tournaments that’s just begun will send another online tournament champion to play in a live tournament in the Caribbean. Win the Final CPPT Satellite Tournaments and get a $4100 prize package that includes $1650 buy-in to the $200,000 CPPT Main Event in St Maarten, April 30th to May 3rd 2015.

“St Maarten is awesome,” said Juicy Stake’s poker manager. “We’ve got a double room booked at an all inclusive resort. A pool with cascading waterfalls and swim-up pool bar, four tennis courts, restaurants, bars, nightclub – ya, it’s a rough life for some.”

Video: Final CPPT Caribean Poker Tournament Online Satellites have Begun at Juicy Stakes

Win your way to the Caribbean in online satellite tournaments at Juicy Stakes Poker.

It's a three-tier online satellite tournament format. You can buy-in at the 2nd or third step or win their way from a $2.00 + $0.20 Step 1 game to the final table.

Juicy Stakes Caribbean Final CPPT Satellite Tournament Schedule:

Step 1 ($2+$0.20) games continue until March 14, every day at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm EST. They'll each award four tickets to Step 2 ($10+$1 ) tournaments which are held daily at 8pm EST  The Final ($100+$10 ) is Sunday, March 15th at 6pm EST.

Juicy Stakes will deouble your deposits March 3 - 8 (up to $300). Enter bonus code MAR15 when you deposit.

There are three extra $200 and $350 freerolls this week (on Tuesday and Thursday).

You can register for Juicy Stakes’ CPPT Satellite Tournaments and $250 Freerolls under the Tournaments tab at Juicy Stakes Poker.

The winner of the last series of CPPT Satellites held in January recalls the game where he eventually won a $4100 CPPT prize package:

“About 10 hands after the AKs hand, the blinds are 125/250/20 and we are now 4-handed. I open UTG w/A9s and BB calls. Flop is T75ss. He had been calling pretty wide this tournament (~40% from the BB), and he wasn't folding often to Flop C-Bets. So even if my Ace-high is good, I felt it was better to pot control and re-evaluate the turn.”

“After the turn the board reads T759ss. So, I now have second-pair top-kicker, but it's also a card that could improve his hand as well (based on his perceived range). He checks, and I decide to bet for value, betting 525 into a 1,205 pot. He just calls.”

“River is 2s, so the board now reads T7592sss. He checks. The 2s doesn't change that much, as it adds a flush possibility, but doesn't improve any straight draws and is unlikely to improve his paired hands. Hence, if I am ahead with A9 on the turn, I can only get value from a weaker 9x or 7x. It's probably close (betting vs. checking behind), but I decided to check behind, and he turns over 5s3s for a flush. Great flop for him and even better river. But I like the fact that I controlled the betting and lost the minimum.”

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