Thursday, December 02, 2010

Global Gaming Events Challenges All UB Pro Players

$2000 Freeroll and $1000 to charity if a UB Pro can beat the GGE Players

Global Gaming Events UB Challenge Free Roll Poker TournamentGlobal Gaming Events (GGE) has formally challenged all UB Pros to a tournament on December 12th, 2010 at 3pm EST. After dozens of GGE Tournaments on UB, GGE has finally thrown down the gauntlet, prodding UB Pros to settle the debate once and for all at the poker tables.

"We think the GGE Players are far superior to the UB Pros,” said Jason Rosenberg of Global Gaming Events, “We invite all UB Pros to prove us wrong, but it is highly probable that some might be too afraid to show up."

The freeroll tournament is open to all poker players and features a $2000 Prize Pool. If a UB Pro is able to win this tournament, GGE will donate $1,000 to that UB Pro’s choice of charity. Players must pre-register by 3pm EST, December 9th, 2010 if they wish to play.

UB Pros Annie Duke, Brandon Cantu, Gary “DEBO34” DeBernardi, Mark “P0ker H0” Kroon, Scott Ian, and Trishelle Cannatella have already registered and have confirmed that they have accepted the GGE Challenge. More UB Pros are expected to confirm their participation in the next few days.

Complete poker tournament details and pre-registration are available at

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